We are The Carbonators! We are the best, one day we're going to be better than The Beatles!
We play, rock, punk, blues, soul and jazz all mixed up into good phonics.
We came together in May 2011 and started rehearsing together, one of the tracks we recorded was used for the soundtrack of a film, listen to it here - 

We were rehearsing to play an improvised gig with Damo Suzuki, it was fabulous...

you can watch a clip here - 

After the Damo Suzuki gig, we carried on practicing together, Adrian started singing and wrote and recorded an album together, self titled but known as "The Beans Album" you can hear it all here -

We have played three times at Club Soda now... once with Damo Suzuki and also the Christmas ball and the Valentines Disco. 

We've just recorded a new single and are about to play in Brighton and Club Soda again this summer!

It's the best idea for the whole group to be together!!

See you at a gig! See you soon!

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